Covid 19 Update 21st Feb 2021

We will be opening our studio on 12th April 2021 for all studio photoshoots and can do location photoshoots from 29th March 2021.

We are so excited to welcome you back!


Covid 19 Update Feb 1st 2021

Well. Here we are again! Please dont worry, this is the 4th time we have been ordered to close the doors and are pros at it by now! Below is a list of frequently asked questions for new and existing bookings.

Im booked in to a photoshoot during lockdown, when can I reschedule?

We will be prioritising photoshoots that are pre booked first (we’ve got you covered and you are the priority before new bookings) and we have an order to get you back you back into the studio. The maternity and newborns must come first, this is due to the photoshoots being time sensitive. Next it will be the sitters and cake smashes, then all other photoshoots.

I haven’t seen my photos yet from a photoshoot prior to lockdown. Where does this leave me?

We can do a zoom online viewing if you prefer (this is only during lockdown, we dont offer this once we have reopened). Alternatively, if you want to wait for the full Mini Bee viewing experience you can wait until we have reopened and we will schedule you around the photoshoot priority list above.

Im booked in for a newborn photoshoot during lockdown. Is my baby too old for a newborn photoshoot?

We’ve had good practise at photographing older babies in the newborn style after the very first lockdown last year and as a result of this have learnt some great techniques on how to photograph older babies. Theres a gallery on the newborn section of older babies where you can see the difference in the photoshoot. You will get a lot of more interaction at these gorgeous photoshoots. We have outfits for babies up to 12 weeks old. If your baby is older than this by the time we come out of lockdown, please don’t worry we will move you to another type of photoshoot.

I want to book in but Im scared as I dont know whats happening in the world. Whats the deal with refunds, etc?

We completely understand. Once we book you in we take a £50 deposit. This is non refundable but it is transferrable (remaining balance of photoshoot is refundable under covid rules) so that if you miss the stage you are wanting captured you can either delay the photoshoot to when we can do it or you can transfer this to a different photoshoot. Your love for capturing your family won’t change, you’ll still want some gorgeous photos they just may be a little older than anticipated. By being prebooked it means you will get the slots upon reopening first.

Should I wait until you reopen to book or will I miss the slots?

We cant unfortunately give you an answer to this. From previous lockdowns we know that we do get booked up quickly once reopened and have had to unfortunately had to turn people away as we do prioritise booked clients first. This is their guarantee when paying their deposit so we hold slots specifically for them. So its up to you. For newborns we wouldn’t advise you wait as they are time sensitive but this is entirely your call and we respect whatever you decide to do. If you are unsure about Mini Bee please look at our amazing reviews post first lockdown and how photoshoots were organised and rearranged and hopefully this will give you some assurance on how we handle things.


If you have anymore questions we would love to chat with you. Please either call 01207 270573 or email

We will get back to you as soon as we can. As we aren’t in the studio this may take longer than usual.


Covid 19 Update 24th Sep 2020

We are open and are business as usual with ppe and extra measures put in place


Covid 19 Update March 16th 2020

To put it lightly… what a s#$! storm!

We appreciate that is a difficult time for everyone and your plans for your newborn have been altered. Your birthing plan will most likely change, you can’t see your extended family and you will have to adjust your lifestyle to bring this baby into the world. You’ve maybe had to cancel group sessions that you’ve joined, photoshoots rescheduled, christenings, weddings, everything is being put on hold whilst we sit and wait for this to pass; and it will pass. 

To the mums that have given birth during this time, Congratulations – you and your family have just made history. You have just shown your baby how courageous you are and what a hero you are to them. 

To the parents who are at home with the children trying to figure out how to home school, do Joe Wicks, trying to outwit your kids on TikTok whilst trying to hold off on pouring that wine until at least 2pm! Its hard but, you’ve got this and if you don’t – you know what, make memories. Kids will look back and remember when we made cakes, coloured, played footy with mam/dad. These happy times is what they will remember. One thing we’ve learnt as parents is how resilient and adaptable our children are.

To all the key workers out there… ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough. You are the front line. You are keeping this country running and putting your life at risk. You are at the frontline of a war you never signed up to and yet, have all took on this responsibility with immense courage and bravery. We salute you.

To the Rainbow children, the ones that are staying at home and making memories. The ones that are making us smile by their resilience and character. Thank you for all your rainbow pictures to brighten our day. Thank you for being you in the face of adversity. You are strong. You are brave. You are going to tell the stories to generations to come.

What we can do for new mums and dads?

We know that you wanted those teeny/tiny pictures of baby however, we can’t get to you and you can’t get to us. So together, let’s make a memory. All we ask that you take a picture with your phone and camera and send it to us and we will edit it free of charge. We will get pictures of your baby in the studio at a later stage and they will be lovely, just baby will be a bit bigger.

A rainbow baby typically has a different meaning however, rainbows are now the children’s symbol of this pandemic. By drawing us the lovely pictures of rainbows they are telling us that after every dark storm there’s a beautiful rainbow that follows, showing us there will be light and beauty at the end of this. The rainbow children are our future, they are the storytellers, they are the hope and I for one, will look at rainbows in a very different way after all of this.

Follow the instructional link below for more details on how to achieve this:

The Rainbow Children

What can we do for the NHS frontline?

When this is over (and it will be over at some point thanks to you and everyone staying at home) we are going to arrange 1 weekend where we can take a picture of your family completely free of charge (and send you the digital copy). Some of you have left your family during this time so you can keep them safe and we can only imagine how hard this is for you. Family is so important. This is for any NHS staff that have worked this pandemic, we cannot say thank you enough. There will be details to follow on this once we are out of lockdown.

What are we doing for existing clients who have booked and paid for their photoshoot prior to lockdown?

We thank you for postponing your session. This really does help small businesses by keeping your money in and as a thank you we would like to gift you a duplicate set of prints to gift to your loved ones.


Stay safe and sane

All our love,

Mini Bee xx

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