Whether you’re a traditionalist or prefer something with a bit of flair, we are sure to have every style to suit your home.



We have a wide range of frames at Mini Bee which range from beautifully simple to integrate artistic patterns. There is something for everyone. These statement frames come in a range of styles, single or double mounted card for extra pop and a choice of colours.

16X20 – £315

24X24 – £345

30X20 – £390

30X30 – £425

40X30 – £495

Double mount (optional extra) – £30

Decadence range (optional extra) – £70



Multiframes are a very popular option for our Mini Bee clients. These frames are great if you simply cant choose a single image to display and have limited space. It combines the luxury of elegant framing with multiple images. Available in different templates using 4, 5 or 6 images.

24×24 – £345

30×30 – £445

24×30 – £485

30×40 – £585

32×14 – £345

48×21 – £445

The Art Effect


A one for the art lovers. This vintage statement piece is printed on fine art paper and sealed with a matte resin finish giving it a very artistic look. We will also edit your image to add in grain and textured strokes to embellish the artwork.

16X20 – £345

20X20 – £375

20X30 – £435

30X30 – £595

40×30 – £675

Art Float Frame


A very elegant piece with an edge! This lovely float frame uses fine art etching paper, glazed with a satin finish to protect the piece from UV rays and scratches. The image is then raised from the frame given it a seamless floating effect.

24×16 – £395

20×30 – £445

30×40 – £695

40×60 – £995

Framed Canvas

Something different from traditional canvases. This statement piece provides the smooth, bold colours from a canvas and finished with a wood frame. The canvas sits flush to the frame giving it a very eye-catching finish. The canvas is sealed and protected with varnish so that it is protected against UV rays and scratches.

20X20 – £355

24×24 – £445

30X30 – £535

36×36 – £675


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