Farren (14 days new)

29th December 2017
Newborn Photography

The one with the 5 hour photoshoot and a Greggs Sandwich!

Ive had the pleasure of photographing this family a lot over the past 2 years from their wedding, to a Christmas shoot, their daughter’s (Willow) 1st birthday, a maternity shoot and the announcement of their newborn son (Farren). I was so excited for this photoshoot after knowing this family for so long, I wanted to get some fantastic shots for them.

The shoot started out with myself, mum (Stacey) and baby Farren. The idea was to get some newborn images first and then bring Willow in (1 and half years old) a bit later on so she’s wasn’t too restless and bored at showtime. We started the session and Stacey fed Farren. Once full I placed him on the beanbag ready for the first set up, got a few shots with eyes open and he starting rooting for more food so back to mum he went to feed again. 15 mins passed and he was settled so once again I put him on the beanbag. He was happy and content but yet again, starting rooting (so back to mum he went). This went on like this, back and forth for 2 hours. Luckily, with newborns I only book 1 per day to allow for a bit of overrunning time so I wasn’t concerned we were running late. Mum was happy to continue, baby was content and I was determined to get some beautiful shots for them.

After 2 hours Farren finally settled into a deep dream sleep and we got loads of shots out in one go (a full tummy really does go a long way). Mum was so surprised at how sleepy he was and how he didn’t notice when I moved him into different positions. Three and a half hours had passed at this point and then Willow and dad (Ben) showed up full of goodies from greggs so we all had a breather and ate lunch together, chatted and generally had a good giggle. We showed dad and Willow some back of the camera shots and back to work we went but, this time with big sister (and what a loving big sis she was). Willow nailed it. She was awesome (as usual) and we got all the shots we needed. 5 hours in we were done – by far my longest newborn shoot to date but, one of the most memorable and rewarding.

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