Joel (Watch Me Grow)

13th February 2020
Watch Me Grow

I first met this family when Joel was 6 months old. He was a bigger baby than the usual newborn which meant we got lots of smiles and great eye contact. He was full of cuddles and I could see he was completely and utterly adored by his family.

Roll on 6 months and back he came for his sitter session. He was so happy, the world was upright! Mum had told me he had his Christening the week before and was tired from partying all week but boy, that did not stop Joel.

Roll on to 1 years old – where has the time gone? Cake Smash Time! He came in loaded with smiles as usual and gave me the best cuddles before we started and off we went. This time… he was crawling. Fast! We all got a workout that day. As predicted he was into everything, he even wanted his spoon and one of my coffee sachet in the bath. Im nobody to judge – Whatever works for you little dude.

Joel it has been amazing to watch you grow into that lovely little boy you are. You’re such a happy, smiley, friendly little boy thats as curious as a cat. Don’t ever change, you are amazing. Thanks to Laura and Joe for trusting Mini Bee in capturing these memories for you. Loved every minute, Sam x

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