Baby Girl in Pinks and Creams in a Photography studio in Newcastle Upon Tyne and County Durham

Baby photoshoot

I always look forward to newborn photoshoots, and baby girls dressed in pink, cream, and pastel colours are some of my favourites. In this blog post, I want to share my experience and insights into a newborn photoshoot from a photographer’s perspective.

Firstly, when planning a newborn photoshoot, I like to discuss the parents’ preferences for colours and themes. For baby girls, pink, cream, and pastel colours are popular choices that create a soft and gentle atmosphere. These colours also work well with different backdrops and props, such as blankets, wraps, headbands, and bows.

During the photoshoot, I prioritise the baby’s comfort and safety. It’s essential to keep the baby warm and snug throughout the session, so I use a portable heater and soft blankets to keep them comfortable. I also take frequent breaks for feeding, changing, and cuddling the baby to keep them relaxed.

In terms of poses, I focus on capturing the baby’s tiny features, such as hands, feet, and facial expressions. Props such as baskets, bowls, and flower wreaths can add interest and texture to the images. I also take family photos with the baby to create a lasting memory of this special time.

After the photoshoot, I carefully edit the images to enhance their colours, contrast, and sharpness. I use natural-looking post-processing techniques to maintain a timeless and classic feel, so the photos don’t look dated or over-edited in the future.

Photographing a baby girl in pink, cream, and pastel colours can create beautiful and timeless images that the family will treasure for years to come. By prioritising the baby’s comfort and safety, using appropriate backdrops and props, and editing the images carefully, you can create stunning newborn photos that will capture the essence of this precious moment in time.