Newborn Photography

Newborn Sessions tend to be done between 5 and 21 days old. During this time little one is usually very sleepy and still in the fetal position and will barely notice the session happening before them. This is the ideal time for newborns to have their photoshoot. We can and do photograph older babies too.

Older babies (6 weeks plus, unless premature) are usually more alert and tend to stretch out a bit more. You may find many of these images will be with eyes open and it may take longer to settle baby to sleep in the right position. They tend to notice movement more, the older they get. If you would like to see a gallery of an older baby, please get in contact and we will be happy to show you some beautiful images.

Newborn and Family session


Upgrades and other products are available at the viewing session (canvas, frames, glass, etc). Please get in contact for a full price list of wall art

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