Newborn Twins and a Toddler

Newborn Photographer Durham

I have photographed this lovely family since Zachary was a baby and have got to know them very well. It has always been a pleasure being in their company however, this session has to be the most memorable.

Like all photoshoots I do a preparation call with families before the photoshoot to get an idea of what they want from the session and to generally find out how everyone is doing. One of my questions when having a baby and already having a toddler is, how are they feeling? Mum told me Zachary was doing good and loves his brothers but, sometimes can feel a bit pushed out from the attention shift – which I expected.

It had been a little while since I had seen him and I wasn’t sure if he remembered me so when he came to the studio (in Newcastle Upon Tyne) I said hello but then completely backed off until he felt comfortable with his surroundings. I started the photoshoot as normal with the twin baby brothers and let Zachary play with his toys. At this point, knowing how comfortable Zachary was I then proceeded to ask him questions about his diggers. We matched the colours and shapes to other things in the room and he ran trucks over my feet whilst I was posing his brothers for their photoshoot. Everyone was happy, everyone was comfortable but, even at this point when I asked Zachary if he wanted his photo taken, he said no.

Knowing that Zachary was both comfortable in the studio and comfortable with me and my assistant I took the opportunity to grab some images of him with the boys. I know you’re thinking that’s strange since he just said no but, I knew he didn’t fully understand what was going to happen so, instead of telling him to sit and smile for the camera, I simply told him, we were going to play a game… and thats exactly what we did. We threw felt hearts at each other. Just a simple game of catch got him on the spot where he needed to be. Once he was in position I would pull funny faces and make loud strange noises and he laughed directly at the me, the silly photographer who took his photograph without him even knowing. His smile and laugh were adorable, it was like a domino effect, the more he laughed the more we laughed. We all thoroughly enjoyed seeing him so relaxed, having so much fun and enjoying all the attention he was getting.

The photoshoot with his twin brothers and family took roughly 3 hours and I would estimate that Zachary was either by my side or playing with my assistant for about 70 percent of this time. He found it hilarious to clip the newborn pegs (that we have for blankets) on our tops and feet (luckily they were not very tight) and at one point we even put them on his slippers as he tap danced around the room, playing us a tune with his feet! We made such a friendship that by the end of the photoshoot I got invited to sit next to him when he was having lunch and watching his favourite you tube channel…  and so I did, because who can resist a hula hoops, cartoons and a lovable 2 year old.

To Zachary, my little pal, you are amazing. I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch you grow and see you become the great little dude you are today. You have an infectious personality which makes you a joy to be around and I know your parents are so very proud. Your two little brothers are lucky to have you and you are so fortunate to have two new best friends that you can build memories with. Stay cool buddy and just remember, you were the original design!